TransMount - 03'-07' Accord V6 MANUAL TRANSMISSION ONLY - Upgraded/Stiffer Transmission Mount_Complete Kit (Front & Rear Bottom + Bracket) (FREE SHIPPING)

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HalferLand Performance
03-07 Accord V6 MT (ONLY)
Upgraded Transmission Mount - Complete Kit (Front mount, Rear Mount + Bracket & Hardware Included)

Product Description
Our HalferLand Performance 03-07 Accord V6 MT ONLY Upgraded Transmission mounts will help stiffen and improve upon the soft and small stock OEM mount. In many case's when the engine has been modified and power has been added (even at stock power levels), the engine and transmission will rock and have deflection, allowing the engine and trans to move in the engine bay. When this happens the tires and suspension can become "unloaded" and lead to the dreaded "wheel hop" which can break axles and rattle parts loose and also will lead to the tires breaking free and loosing traction. When you add our HalferLand Performance Upgraded Trans mounts Kit you will stiffen and add rigidity to the entire engine and transmission assembly as a whole (upgraded motor mounts help a lot in this situation also), thus cutting down the deflection and allowing the tires and suspension to do their jobs a little easier. The reduction in wheel hop and stabilizing the engine/transmission assembly will also help improve the life span of other mounts, bushings, bearings and other parts such as axles, as they are not be exposed over and over to the harsh shock loads. This can also help with improving your 60' time or launching the car, as you will have more traction off the line.

- Includes both New Front and Rear Upgraded Transmission Mounts 
- New Rear Mounting Bracket
-New Grade 8 Hardware To Install
- Helps prolong the life of axles, bushings and other mounts if the vehicle is driven hard
- Add's rigidity to the entire engine and transmission assembly
- Helps improve launching/off the line starts
- Helps eliminate Wheel hop
- Improves traction
- Affordable
- Easy Install

1.) Break the front drive side wheel lug nuts loose
2.) Chalk the rear tires so the car does not roll when jacked up  
3.) Jack the car up and support it with jack stands.
4.) Remove the front driver side wheel
5.) Located both front and rear trans mounts
6.) simply unbolt and remove them, then install our mount kit using the extended hardware supplied.

5 Stars
Looks like im the first review, but dont think the last. The parts got to me really quick, with tracking update being given by email, which is nice. Also, the install was pretty easy, basically take the two mounts out (think 5 bolts total) and put the new ones in. And man does it make a difference! The engine feels way more stable and the car doesn't wheel hop at all, now only spins if anything , which is way better as the car doesnt feel like its goign to fall apart like wheel hop. I would say to anyone questions to buy it!
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Reviewed by:  from New Port Richy. on 1/20/2020
5 Stars
Very nice
Very nice upgrade from the 7th gen accord stock mounts. My stock mount fell completely apart when I took it off, so no wonder the entire engine and trans rocked around lmao. Everyting feels way more stabile now and I plan to pull it off later and poly fill it like he does on his youtube channel.
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Reviewed by:  from X. on 1/23/2020
5 Stars
Great buy!
The entire car feels better, not sure how that is but its way more still (if that's the word lol), When taking off the car just feel more planted. Sorry not a car expert but the install was easy even for me. Shipping was also quick too. Thanks
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Reviewed by:  from savannah. on 5/24/2020

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