FuelAdapter_ HalferLand Performance Plug N Play J-series -6AN E85/Alcohol/Gas Braided Fuel Line Adapter Kit (Gen 2 - 3 Engines, NON Direct Injection, To Stock Fuel Rails)

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Engine/Vehicle Fitment


FIRST EVER J-Series Fuel Line Adapter Kit


100% Plug and Play with all fittings coming Pre-Assembled


Perfect For NA or Boosted Cars who want to convert to E85 or Alcohol based fuels


E85 and Alcohol safe fuel lines and fittings

Feature 5

ZERO Guess Work
HalferLand Performance 
Plug N Play J-Series 
-6AN E85/Alcohol Fuel Line Adapter Kit
(To Stock Fuel Rails)

Vehcile Fitment
-GEN 2-3 Engine vehicles only (NO DIRECT INJECTION)
- J30a4-5 , J32a3, J35a5 through a9, J37a1
- J35Z 
- J35y1 and y2 (No Direct injection)

Product Description 
We very proud to announce the first ever Plug N Play J-series -6AN E85/Alcohol Fuel line adapter kits, brought to you by HLP, HalferLand Performance. Our E85 AN Fuel Line adapter kit will come pre assembled with all -6 AN fittings already installed onto the -6 braided E85/alcohol compatible hose, with direct Plug and Play Stock fuel rail and stock fuel pump housing adapter fittings supplied........literally take the old fittings off, slip the new fittings on and screw the -6AN hose on and you're done!!! Of course you'll need to route the new hose up to the engine bay, but we provide the exact length needed to run the hose down the stock fuel line path, up through the driver side of the car, from the trunk to the engine bay.
As always, we do our best to source the most economical but quality materials for all of our parts, and pass any savings down to our customers (YOU)..... at only $119.95 this is an amazing deal for a Plug N Play R&D Fuel Line Adapter kit that is 100% ready to go. Guarantee you will not find another kit (regardless if for another vehicle) at this cost that will convert your fuel lines to -6AN, E85 friendly AND comes pre-assembled/Plug N Play 

Product Features/Benefits

 100% R&D'ed by HalferLand Performance for functionality and fitment

- Provides Additional Fuel Volume for Larger Injectors

- Perfect for NA or Boosted Cars that want to convert to E85 or some type of Alcohol blend

- E85 and Alcohol Safe Fuel Lines and fittings

- 100% PLUG AND PLAY, with all fittings and lines being Pre-assembled, measured and ready for installation

- Easily able to convert back to 100% stock fuel lines for whatever reason (Simply Unplug the kit and plug the stock lines back in)

- Makes it very easy to convert Upgraded Performance Fuel Rails to any J-series motor (We have our Upgraded Fuel Rail kit coming out soon). 


(It will be best to do this installation with the car on jack stands. Take all necessary precautions when jacking the car, use wheel chalks and good stands. This will provide you access to the underside of the car where you can run the new fuel line down the drive side (Route new line in the same place as OEM fuel lines) from the engine bay to the trunk)

1.)  Unpack the Kits contents from the box. You will see two bags, (1) with a "P" written on it (That is for the Fuel Pump)  and another (1) with a "R" (For Fuel Rails). 

2.) Gain access to the Fuel pump housing located in your trunk, which should be under your trunk mats behind the back seat

3.) Remove the outer Pump housing cover to gain access to the pumps fuel fitting. You should now see the top of the pump housing and the main fuel fitting and line (As shown in product images above)...now remove the main OEM fitting/line connection and install Bag (P) Fitting from your new HalferLand Kit in the place of the old OEM fitting.

4.) Take the -6AN hose and run it from the injectors within engine bay (place it there or tape it so it wont pull through when feeding the line under the car), run the -6an line under the driverside of the car where the stock fuel lines run all the way back to the trunk, utilizing the same path as the OEM fuel lines. Once you reach the trunk you should then locate the best access point (this will differ between car models, but usually the best option is the same entry point the stock fuel lines run through).  At this point one end of the new -6an fuel line should be in the engine bay at the injectors and the other end should routed under the car down the driver side and up into the trunk where the stock fuel pump housing sit. 

5.)  In the trunk, Now screw the -6AN fitting of the hose onto the "P" fitting you installed on the fuel pump housing. This will complete the work in the trunk. Put the covers back on and make sure the hose is secured (zip tie) underneath the car and then move up to the engine bay.

6.) Gain access to the Fuel Rails. This will usually involve removing the Intake Manifold (refer to your user/repair manual for help). 

7.) Locate the main injector inlet fitting on the fuel rail (as shown in product images above) and remove the stock fitting

8.) With the OEM fitting removed, now install Bag "R" Fitting to it's location

9.) Now Screw on the -6AN hose to the newly fitted "R" fitting you just installed on the fuel rail. 

10.) Go back through the entire installation, making sure all hose is secure and not hanging and that all fittings are tight. 

11.) YOU'RE DONE ;)  
5 Stars
Fitment was perfect, same as hose provided. Good buy to covert to AN.
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from TN. on 5/15/2020
5 Stars
Fit perfect
Fitment was perfect. Install was a breeze and everything when as laid out by HalferLand. Great R&D on their end. Thanks Guys
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from ... on 6/13/2020
5 Stars
What I needed
This was exactly what I needed for my new fuel rails. Put a 6AN on the rail and with HalferLand kit literally just plugged the fittings in, ran hose and plugged into rail. So easy, great quailtiy and well designed because the install went very easy. 100% recommend!
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Ft.myers FL. on 11/5/2020
5 Stars
Great Product
Overall very haopy and impressed with the kit. The install was a breeze, literally plug and play. Just refer to the pictures in the listing, they also write on the bag where the fittings go and everythign plugs right in. Packaging was good, fast shipping and their customer service was on point. They were very knowledgeable about their parts and capabilties. They also gave me a couple pointers for my engine build. I would give this all around expeireince a 10 of 10. We will be back after the new year for Rods, Pistons and Block guards to finish off our J36 Build.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Austin TX. on 12/19/2020

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