Affirm Payment Plans

We at HalferLand Performance understand the monetary constraints these days. It's been tough on every body, sometimes leaving no room for your hobby's, loves, or passions. We are proud to announce our partnership with Affirm Split Payments/Pay Later option. who offers ZERO 0% Interest Loans, Direct Loans and Even Split Payments, allowing you the flexibility to purchase now and pay a little at a time. We have many, many happy customers who have used Affirm since we launched the option and they have said it's helped them purchase, ALL, not just some of the required parts for their builds without delaying it for months or even years. BEST OF ALL, THE APPLICATION PROCESS WILL NOT, WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR CREDIT, BUT IF APPROVED AND YOU MAKE ON TIME PAYMENTS, IT WILL HELP BUILD YOUR PERSONAL CREDIT SCORE. 

On each part listing from our store, directly under the pricing you will see the following message (bottom of this paragraph) which will inform you of easy month payments specifically for the part you are viewing,  if you so choose to use Affirm Split Payment/Pay Later option. By clicking on the "Learn More" link, it will open a new window, where you can apply and if approved it will tell you the amount you're approved for immediately and will redirect you back to our online store to make your payments/purchase.  4 interest-free payments or as low as $35/mo with Learn more