800+Hp-Piston - HalferLand Performance 800+HP Honda J-Series J32/J35 89mm STD "Hyper" / Semi Forged Pistons (C clips and +1mm Larger Upgraded Wrist Pins Included)

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800 HP Capable


Comes Standard with HalferLand Anodized Dome


Comes Standard with HalferLand Anodized Top Ring Land Groove


Comes Standard with HalferLand Moly Glide Side Skirt Treatment

Feature 5

Hypereutectic Material (Much Stronger then normal Aluminum Alloy used in aftermarket pistons)
HalferLand Performance
Honda J-Series 89mm STD J32/J35
- Semi-Forged Pistons
- +1mm Upgraded Wrist Pins and new c-clips included. 
(They 100% WILL still fit all OEM and aftermarket J-Series Rods. The wrist pins outer diameter is the same as stock, with them being enlarged on the interior side so wont effect fitment)

Product Description
We are extremely proud to announce our final step in offering the normal DIY/Garage Built Honda J-Series Enthusiast the ability to build their own 400-800hp J-Series motor from home. The final piece to this puzzle is our brand new HalferLand Performance 800hp J32/J35 89mm Hypereutectic Pistons (Some also call this type of piston "Semi-Forged" pistons). We spent many days and nights developing our pistons and coming to the final design you see now. We wanted to offer a robust, sturdy piston, but also one that would not break the bank and still allow our customer to achieve there horsepower goals and stay within their budget....AND WE DID IT!
 Hypereutectic pistons (High Silicone Content and Heat Treated for added resiliency) are not new to this industry, with the majority of the large automotive manufacturers utilizing "hyper" pistons on their factory forced induction vehicles.  Here is a brief link if you want to read up more on the material and piston.
"Hyper" pistons are capable of withstanding the higher heat and loads caused from forced induction and Nitrous, along with great resiliency to heat soak which can lead to detonation and ultimate engine damage. To add another layer of protection all of our HalferLand Pistons will come standard with an Anodized Dome to withstand higher cylinder temps, while also hardening the dome for greater cylinder pressures. Along with the anodized dome our pistons will also come standard with the anodized top piston ring land grove, to help with preventing piston ring sticking and also helping keep all oil drain ports clear from clogging, +1mm thicker/stronger wrist pins (OD is the same and will still fit OEM and aftermarket Rods), brand new C-Clips to hold the wrist pins and Lastly, our pistons also come standard with our Moly "Glide" Side Skirt Treatment (Not Standard Moly treatment, our "Glide" treatment is a hybrid ceramic and moly treatment which promotes greater lifespan) to ensure smooth operation for the pistons within the cylinders.

Our "Hyper" Pistons will come in the standard 89mm bore (Standard J32/J35 Bore) so no over boring of your cylinders required as other Over Bore/ Oversized aftermarket pistons (You can still safely re-hone the cylinders if needed). The pistons are also based off the Honda J35a3-a4 pistons, bringing the compression to a safe Boost capable compression of 10:1 for J35 engines and 9:1 for J32 engines (Head milling can be performed to fine tune compression if needed. We will come out with other compression ratio pistons down the road). 

HERE is a GREAT video that will help explain the benefits of our Hyper Pistons over normal cast aluminum alloy and even forged pistons in a high HP daily drivers or Racecars

- 800HP Capable
- Vehicle Fitment - ALL  J32/J35  Honda J-Series Engines (Not compatible with Piston Oil Squirters, Squirters can be plugged with normal bolts to bump oil pressure and also allow you to run our pistons)
- Standard 89mm for J32 or J35's (No Over Boring Cylinders Required)
- Compression - 10:1 J35 Engine  / 9:1 J32 Engine
- Hypereutectic Material for strength (High Silicone, Heat Treated)
- Standard Anodized Dome
- Standard Anodized Top Ring Land Groove
- Moly "Glide" Side Skirt Treatment - Hybrid Moly and Ceramic Treatment for Prolonged life span
- C Clips Included
- +1mm Stronger Upgraded Wrist Pins Included (OD is the same and Still fits OEM and aftermarket Rods)
- Free Shipping
- HalferLand 1 Yr Warranty
5 Stars
So I've followed HalferLand for quite some time now on IG , Youtube, and Facebook. Some were saying these pistons are knock offs or the same as aftermarkets pistons or some crap like that, you know how FB is. I can tell you they are far from that. Once you get your hands on these you can immediately see and feel the quality. My engine builder also stated they fit and installed perfectly with zero issue, and we also are running the Halferland 1000hp J35 rods and the car is runnning amazing. . I plan and Turboing my 12' Accord 6mt soon but at the moment run 100 shot of nitrous with Halferland pistons and rods and have had a best 1/4 mile of 12.4 @ 115mph with the car putting down 373whp & 380wtq ...yeah shes a torque monster on spray LOL. 4 months since the build with HalferLand Pistons and Rods and running amazing, next step is Turbo and 700whp ;)
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Reviewed by:  from Georgia . on 6/17/2020
5 Stars
These Piston are A1 quality. Went ahead and took the piston to wall clearance and they fell perfectly in spec , on the tighter side which I wanted to see so it can wear in. Highly recommend these to anyone.
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Reviewed by:  from Port Orange. on 5/2/2020
5 Stars
Group Buy
Purchased on their group buy and man so glad I did. Quality is superb, everything they said it would be, fit perfectly like a glove and the motor spins over smooth. My 05' TL on 12psi 62mm Holest Turbo should be right around 400whp and is running perfect with the pistons in there. Thank you will be back for more parts
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Reviewed by:  from ... on 6/17/2020
5 Stars
Jet Mech
Excellent quality...very pleased with set I ordered. Attention to detail and great communication as has been the case with my other purchases.
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Reviewed by:  from Clarksville. on 5/13/2020
5 Stars
5 Star
Very impressed. Fitment was perfect, quality is also great. We wanted to wait to review and thus far have over 25 passes on them at 800whp with no issues. Def recommend
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Reviewed by:  from OR. on 9/19/2020
5 Stars
I was slightly hesitant to try these (just being honest) but have ran them for the last 4 months at 750whp in my Teggy swap J35a4 and they are performing flawlessly. Very impressed with the performance, look, fitment, everything. Best of all is the price!
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Reviewed by:  from Ft,Myers. on 6/15/2020
5 Stars
These are a no brainier. Guaranteed to 800hp (I'm running at 650whp EK Hatch with no issues) and quality is amazing. Coming from a Automotive painting background, I can tell you the Anodized to the dome of the piston is very high quality.
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Reviewed by:  from Sun . on 7/1/2020
5 Stars
Extremely Happy!!
I can honestly say you get what you pay for, but in this case you get WAY MORE!! I priced out forged pistons at over $1000-$1400, and after much research learned of the ill effects forged pistons could have on a daily driven high HP engine. I then found Halferlands pistons and after more research found many benefits to their "Hyper" pistons over forged (less wear on cylinders, better thermal expansion rates, comes standard with anodizing in multiple area's). Anyways. I've been runnng Halferland hyper pistons in my boosted TL (Dynoed 607whp at 18psi but run daily around 500ish) and have had ZERO ISSUES. I have even taken a bore scope to the cylinder to find the pistons looking almost brand new, with the Logo still present....that's quality folks at a great price!
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Reviewed by:  from Sac. CA. on 6/17/2020
5 Stars
A Must if f your building your own motor. Didn't want to splurge on forged pistons and on top of that as their description states forged isn't the best for higher Hp Daily driven motors with the expansion rates where these expand like stock and reduce wear . 12k miles easy on them and no issues. Insta was easy and fit perect, plus saved money and just honed it. If you building your own motor I suggest getting these pistons, their Rods and block guards and as long as you take measurements and go by the book with a good motor to start, you have an extremely affordable motor that will handle 800hp+.
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Reviewed by:  from Cleveland OH. on 11/18/2020
5 Stars
Will buy again for sure!
I was so excited to find HalferLand Performance. Saw some negative stuff on a FB forums and also watched their YT videos and thought maybe he was just whining but decided to pull the trigger And now know personally those people were straight liars and obvious have some grudge nd never even handled HalferLand products. That surprised me as they were big name in the game (Andy Gerzy Bear, Chris Boyette and others) . I was cautious and orders their EGR plate to start, Since then the Piston completing my J35 build we have, then block guards, Rods, EGR, pulley, fuel adapter, oil adapter and every single product has been perfect and exactly what he said it would be. Customer service is also very good, always respond in a day or two where others never replied at all. I would definitely recommend HalferLand
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Reviewed by:  from . on 12/6/2020
5 Stars
Halferlands pistons are underrated in my opinion.. The quality of the pistons are superb and on the level on Wiesco, JE, etc. in regards to the form, fitment and precision. I've been familiar with Hyper pistons for some time now coming from BMW engines, which they use them in stock engines and can easily boost the N54 to 800+. With the extra safee guards Halferland puts on these ,Anodized dome, anoidzied top rings, Moly side skirt and larger wrist pins make these just that much stronger so I see these being capable of more. Great part man, will be back for more
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Reviewed by:  from NC. on 12/14/2020

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