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  •  J Series Piston Ring Gapping, What's the proper ring gap for high horsepower setups ? By : HalferLand Performance Products

    J Series Piston Ring Gapping, What's the proper ring gap for high horsepower setups ? By : HalferLand Performance Products

    High horsepower, everyone wants it but fears what comes along with it. Piston ring end gapping is a huge part to making sure the engine lives a happy life. When the combustion temperatures increase the piston rings will grow or expand. This leads to what is called "Pinching rings" where the ends of the piston rings grow enough that they actually contact and being they have nowhere to go a majority of the time the piston ring will pinch up or down, putting extreme pressure on the piston ring lands (where the ring sit into) and cause it to crack or break. No matter what material you use, all metal piston rings will do this. In order to avoid these trouble you will want to properly gap your piston rings. There are many "How to" article or videos on how to do this, but we suggest if you're not familiar or don't feel confident in your skill, then seek professional help. Here's below is a general "Rule of Thumb" based off projected HP goals and what the ring end gap should be. Do remember, too tight and the rings will pinch, too lose you lose combustion gasses which is called "Blow by" which will reduce power....but we feel its always better to favor a hair loose then tight, especially with performance engines. 


    This is NOT A "RULE ALL" EXAMPLE but is the general rule of thumb....it's the customer responsibility to understand, research and set their ring gap appropriately 

    - Stock to 350-400whp = Safe to leave them alone, standard gap

    - 450whp-700whp =
    Top Ring = Bore Diameter (Inches) X .007"
    Second Ring = Bore Dia. (Inches) X .008

    750WHP-1000whp(General Rule, Seek guidance from engine builder)
    Top Ring = Bore Diameter X .008-.009
    Second Ring = Bore Diameter X .009-.010
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