VCM_Delete - Honda J-Series VCM Delete Plug and Play Kit (All VCM 3.5L Engine 2007+ and Newer) (FREE SHIPPING)

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Immediate Throttle Response - 100% power all the time


Easy 15min Install Time


Elimantes VCM Issues such as Oil consumption


Elimantes VCM Issues such as Premature Piston ring wear

Feature 5

Safely Disables VCM system
Honda J-Series VCM Delete 
Plug and Play Kit
(Fits all 2007+ 3.5 & 3.7 VCM Engines)

We have been hinting at a new part for you VCM guys for a while and the time has come! 
We are excited to announce our new product to our already rapidly growing lineup, our new VCM Delete Plug and Play Kit!!

As most of you may know the VCM system on our newer Jseries Engines have been causing hell to our cars engine, even with Honda settling a multi Million dollar lawsuit to fix all the customer cars that experience these symptoms, which consist of MASSIVE OIL CONSUMPTION, Piston Slap from tolerances being opened up due to poor oiling, Random Misfires (Honda settled this lawsuit also), Worn piston rings, lack of power and many other issues associated with the system. 

Many people thought the oil consumption issue was due to bad piston rings, which is half true, but they fail to realize why the rings went bad in the first place...BECAUSE THE VCM SYSTEM. The VCM has been known to malfunction, kicking on and off at random times when it’s not suppose to be, essentially reducing power and causing excessive wear to internal parts, especially piston rings. For the longest time most guys simply unplugged the secondary ECT sensor to get around it, however this lead to a CEL always being present on your dash and would still sometimes activate the VCM. 

Well that is no more, now with our new J-Series VCM delete Plug and Play Kit you can truly deactivate the VCM system with zero CEL lights on or any other I’ll effects AND you get all your power at all times ( many test show VCM or cylinder disabling system do nothing in normal driving conditions, with some test showing they actually make fuel economy worse!). Best of all the units are 100% plug and play and only take 15-20mins to install. 

Vehicle Models/Fitment

- FITS ALL 2007+ models or newer with a 3.5L & 3.7L  I-VTEC VCM Enabled engine  

- 2007 & Up MDX 3.7

- 2012 & Up Acura TL 3.5 & 3.7L

- 2007+ Up Odyssey

- 2009+ Pilot (2006-2008 use older 2005-2006 style connector)

- 2008+ Up Accord and Crosstour

- 2017+ Ridgeline

- 2013+ Acura RDX RDL TLX MDX  with I-VTEC

- 2019+ Passport

Parts Supplied with Kit
- (1) VCM Delete Module with Mounting Bracket
- (1) Wing nut to mount to battery Tie down/Bracket
- (1) Inline removable fuse (Under cover on the module wires- Pre-installed)

Product Feature
-Includes FULL Installation instruction print outs for ease of installation

- Only takes 15-20mins to install

- The Only VCM system that has gone through rigorous EPA emission testing (FTP-75, S06, S03, OBD-II) for street legal usage 

- Design puts no stress on factory wiring harness

- Fused protected on +12v connection to battery or switched ignition 

- Self Operating - No adjustment required.  Disable VCM 100% 

- Auto Diagnostic Feature - digital accelerometer detects vibration/motion to automatically detect when a TPS re-learn procedure is safe when temperatures exceed 194F for two consecutive minutes and the vehicle is in a stopped state for an extended duration without any user intervention.  This also allows for 100% normal fan operation when the vehicle is stopped at idle for an extended duration of time. 

- Overtemp protection (dash shows normal temp above 212F and re-enables factory VCM operation)

- Heat shielding material covers enclosure to maximize life of product as it will reflect 85% of radiant heat under the hood.

- Auto Diagnostic mode for TPS re-learns with no user intervention (any time the battery is disconnected or a dealership firmware update is performed, a throttle position re-learn is required by the ECU)

- Option to utilize dash switch for VCM on/off operation (Not included but you are capable of wiring in a switch. Provided instructions touch on this)

- Optional Engine Coolant Alarm Feature (audible alarm on overtemp)

- Allows use of non-ACM engine mounts in 2005-2010 Odyssey/Pilot/Accord

- Custom polycarbonate enclosure rated for under-hood temperatures up to 290F.

- Automotive Rated PCB components meeting AEC-Q2000, rated for under-hood prolonged stress where applicable, not cheap consumer grade capacitors and resistors.   Includes a silicone based conformal coating on the PCB to withstand moisture, shock and vibration as used by the automotive industry.

- Transient voltage suppression and de-coupling capacitors on inputs, including a separate ground path on the enclosure for discharging ESD under the hood to the mounting bracket.

- Back by our HalferLand 1 year warranty 

5 Stars
Easy install
The install was very easy and fast shipping on HalferLand part. Instruction were easy to follow and things went smooth. I like the fact you can add a switch in (no included) to turn it on and off, but the system regulates itself so I didn't do that and it's on all the time. Great buy overall, thanks
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Reviewed by:  from GA. on 1/19/2020
5 Stars
Work Perfect!
Shipping was extremely fast. Ordered Sunday, received Tuesday. Install was very easy with a full 7-8 page picture print out included. Overall, 5 star order and company. Thanks
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Reviewed by:  from ... on 3/6/2020
5 Stars
Throttle Response
I would high recommend anyone this part. Im getting the same gas mileage but the throttle is way more responsive which I didnt expect. I ordered just to delete the VCM as the car drinks a lot of oil. Good buy and HalferLand
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Reviewed by:  from Austin . on 5/23/2020
5 Stars
Best buy yet!! Easy install, have power all the time, no more shaking from VCM kicking on and best of all NO MORE OIL BURNING!!
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Reviewed by:  from Sun valley. on 6/19/2020

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